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What Makes You & Others Tick - An Introduction to the Enneagram with Barry Ahern - Book Your Place

Level: Introductory
Teacher: Barry Ahern
Date: Saturday May 4th 2019 from 10.30am - 5.30pm
Fee: € 0.00 - Book Here: http://www.enneagram.ie/events/what-makes-you-and-others-tick-an-introduction-to-the-enneagram/
Venue: United Arts Club (Details)
Contact: Barry Ahern at: barry@enneagram.ie

About the Course

Knowing yourself is the first step towards understanding and appreciating how you interact and engage with others. This course will offer you an opportunity to discover your personality style and will provide profound insights into how others understand themselves.

This involves having a look at how you are when youíre at your best and at your worst. This will enables you to go beyond limiting behaviours that cause you stress and limits your well-being.

Everyone develops a pattern of responses to life situations. Itís like a program that becomes a habit that helps you move through life and affects your thoughts, attitudes, behaviour, relationships with others and your entire way of being.

The Enneagram, a profound human development tool, pinpoints the fundamental driving force that governs how you think and feel and interact with the world and prevents you from living a productive and fulfilling life.

The applications are vast and include communicating effectively, leadership development, coaching, teambuilding, mindfulness practice etc.
Itís an ideal workshop to bring a friend or partner as it facilitates a compassionate approach towards those who are important in your life.

Feedback from the last introductory course: ďThat was wonderful, fascinating, and inspiring....Ē


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About the Teacher

Barry AhernBarry Ahern

Barry Ahern, B.A., H.D.Ed., is an intern supervisor on the Palmer / Daniels Enneagram Professional Training Program. He runs a consulting business: Enneagram Solutions

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  Enneagram Ireland is affiliated to Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition and Enneagram Worldwide 
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