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The Enneagram and Skype - Posted: May 4, 2016

Bringing the ancient and modern together; my experience delivering Coaching through the Enneagram via Skype.

The Enneagram, as an ancient system of understanding ourselves, has been taught in an oral tradition from the outset. Those of us who have taken the professional training understand the intimate and personal nature of self exploration using this system of understanding.  

I was therefore initially reluctant when it was suggested that I could deliver a coaching session through the Enneagram via Skype. Apart form my technophobia kicking in, I was concerned that the intimacy of the face to face meeting would be lost and thus the effectiveness of the process diminished.  Having taken the plunge with Skype and the Enneagram my fears have been expunged.

Yes the intimacy is different from meeting face to face but that is outweighed in buckets by the convenience, time saving and flexibility of Skype.  Only last week while abroad I had a  number of Skype sessions with clients who themselves were in the far east!

As part of my role as a Senior member of the Enneagram in Business network I have the opportunity to mentor others who can be in any part of the world.  Once you get a handle on the time differences, other planning is minimal to get you under way.  Apart form the odd break in the communication link, which can happen with a Skype session next door as it can in another continent, sessions are as fruitful and productive as the face to face.

For more information on Coaching for individuals or partners, in a private or organisational context, please contact Martin to arrange an initial free Skype consultation.

Martin Quigley
+353 86 2514 841

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  Enneagram Ireland is affiliated to Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition and Enneagram Worldwide 
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