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Great News - Posted: January 30, 2019

Enneagram Training receives licence from The Narrative Enneagram (the Palmer-Daniels school), to be the provider of Narrative Tradition Professional Training (EPTP)

In December 2018 Enneagram Training received the licence from The Narrative Enneagram (the Palmer-Daniels school), to be the provider of Narrative Tradition Professional Training (EPTP) in the UK and

Those currently studying with Enneagram Training whether in Ireland or UK will be certified with the Narritive Tradition certification.

Those who are part qualified can now continue their training and certify with Enneagram Training.

Enneagram Training provides the full spectrum of training courses for those who wish to continue their own self development programme or wish to use the Enneagram in a Professional capacity.

The Foundation programme includes:

Intensive Growth Journey
 A 5-day residential programme essential for completing the professional Training. Here we explore the Enneagram in depth: the nine personality structures, how the structure plays out within us, and practices for self-development and self-management. This course gives you the skills to do intensive inner work.

The training team for the next Intensive is Rosemary Cowan, Martin Quigley and Heather Brown.

The next Intensive is being held in Birmingham on 12th to 16th April 2019. See special offer rates on www.ennearamtraining.co.uk.

Foundations of Spiritual Awareness
In this course we explore the deeper tools that will help you on your own growth journey, and which you can also use in your relationships with others.

Growth with the Subtypes
The first two workshops focus on type-based motivation. The Subtypes show us how our motivation plays out in our daily behaviour.

Enneagram Training also provides training and supervision for those wishing to qualify in the Typing Process and Panel Interviewing.

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Enneagram Ireland is affiliated to Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition and Enneagram Worldwide
  Enneagram Ireland is affiliated to Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition and Enneagram Worldwide 
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