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TYPE THREE: The Performer

Type Nine: The Mediator
Type Eight: The Protector Type One: The Perfectionist
Type Seven: The Epicure Type Two: The Giver
Type Six: The Sceptic Type Three: The Performer
Type Five: The Observer Type Four: The Romantic

“Lost” essential quality: A connection to a universal hope that everything that needs to be done will get done according to universal laws or principles.

Compensating belief: The world rewards doing, not being. To be loved, you must become a “human doing" instead of a “human being."

Attention/coping strategy: Going for accomplishment, success and a good image, since love comes from the approval generated by your performance. Focusing on tasks and goals, and pressing forward with little attention to your feelings.

Trap: Believing that becoming super-efficient will assure success, recognition, love and acceptance.

Driving energy: Deceiving yourself in order to accomplish the goal by altering yourself, telling a good story and projecting a good image. Self-deception about your true feelings.

Avoidance: Being a failure, becoming incapacitated by your strong, true feelings (an unconscious fear that you will be unable to accomplish anything).

Strengths: Achievement, competence, enthusiasm, leadership.

Paradox: Outer success does not bring inner fulfillment or the feeling of true well-being.

Path of development:

Ultimate task: Reclaiming the truth that love comes to you because of who you are, not because of what you do.

Practices for Growth
How has “looking good” or creating an image been present since I last stopped to self-reflect? In what ways have I been adjusting to others? Selling myself? Wanting recognition? (These can be quite subtle. Often Threes don’t think about image, they “perform” unconsciously.)

Threes rely on positive feedback and a good image to feel good about themselves.

Focus on task
How much has my focus been on getting things done or accomplishing my goals? In what ways have I kept active and busy? How have I concentrated on the fastest way to completing tasks?

For Threes the focus of attention is on what they need to accomplish since they believe that success is the basis for love and approval.

What feelings have I had? What happened when a feeling came up? Did my attention go to feelings? What am I feeling now? What attention did I give to others’ feelings?

Threes need to suspend or push aside feelings as they might get in the way of efficiency, accomplishment and success.

Six healing and growth commitments for Performers:

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  Enneagram Ireland is affiliated to Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition and Enneagram Worldwide 
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