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TYPE FOUR: The Romantic

Type Nine: The Mediator
Type Eight: The Protector Type One: The Perfectionist
Type Seven: The Epicure Type Two: The Giver
Type Six: The Sceptic Type Three: The Performer
Type Five: The Observer Type Four: The Romantic

“Lost” essential quality: An experience of the original deep and complete connection to everything.

Compensating belief: Something vitally important is missing and must be regained to relieve the painful feeling of deficiency and loss of connection.

Attention/coping strategy: Searching for the ideal love or circumstances that will make you feel loved, whole and complete again. Putting attention on intense feelings concerning that which you view as important and missing.

Trap: Trying to obtain the special, ultimate love or situation that will make you complete.

Driving energy: Envy and longing, fueling the search for whatever seems necessary to make life fulfilling.

Avoidance: Being ordinary, deficient, lacking.

Strengths: Creative disposition, passion, empathy, emotional depth.

Paradox: Wanting what is missing perpetuates dissatisfaction with what is present.

Path of development:

Ultimate task: Reclaiming wholeness in the present moment by appreciating what is here and now, and accepting yourself as you are without needing to be special and unique.

Longing for what is missing
How have my attention and energy gone to what I felt was missing? In what ways did I experience a sense of longing or envy? A need for fuller connection? A yearning for ideals? How did I experience disappointment in myself? In others?

Fours’ strategy for a fulfilling life is to have nothing of substance missing. Therefore, their attention goes to what is missing.

Emotional intensity
What have I been feeling? What range of feelings? What intensity? Did my feelings go to extremes? Or did they stay appropriate to the situation? How did my feelings influence my actions? Could I sustain a steady course of action in the presence of strong or deep emotions?

The depth of feelings determines what is real, vital and important for Fours, which makes them susceptible to fluctuating moods and emotions.

Practices for Growth

Idealizing specialness
How have I been drawn to what seems special or unique? In what ways have I diminished or disdained (perhaps quite subtly) the ordinary or mundane? Have I felt pride in being different or special, or have I felt shame in being less than my ideal? In what ways have I felt misunderstood? Have I ignored or been unaware of others? How have I related events and situations back to me personally?

Fours long to be special and unique as part of making up for an underlying belief in their own deficiency and sense of lack.

Six healing and growth commitments for Romantics:

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  Enneagram Ireland is affiliated to Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition and Enneagram Worldwide 
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