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TYPE EIGHT: The Protector

Type Nine: The Mediator
Type Eight: The Protector Type One: The Perfectionist
Type Seven: The Epicure Type Two: The Giver
Type Six: The Sceptic Type Three: The Performer
Type Five: The Observer Type Four: The Romantic

“Lost” essential quality: The knowledge that everyone begins in innocence and can sense the truth in all others.

Compensating belief: This is a hard and unjust world in which the powerful take advantage of the innocent and impose their personal truths on others.

Attention/coping strategy: Becoming strong and forceful to gain respect. Imposing your personal will and truth. Using anger and confrontation if necessary. Denying personal vulnerability. Attention going to power, control and injustice.

Trap: Gaining protection and prevailing through power and invulnerability.

Driving energy: Lust for life and excess – a big energy that fuels the personality.

Avoidance: Weakness, becoming vulnerable and powerless.

Strengths: Courage, fairness, magnanimity, intensity.

Paradox: Power creates counter-force. Vengeance leads to retaliation. Hiding vulnerability creates vulnerability.

Path of development:

Ultimate task: Reclaiming the ability to come freshly to each situation without prejudging and overpowering it, and appreciating that truth exists in all others.

Practices for Growth

Impulse or urge to action
How did my big energy come up and express itself? Did I just “go for” what I wanted without thinking? How quickly did I become angry or confront others? Did I take direct action when delay and reflection would have been wiser? Did I mainly assert my position, my view of justice or right?

Eights’ coping strategy involves gaining respect and protection through assertive action that is expressed directly without much restraint.

Impact on others

How did I affect others? Did I notice the impact of my energy and expression on others? Did I drive anyone away, evoke resistance or confrontation, or cause anyone to become quiet or withdraw? How did I assert control and power?

Eights, in expressing their big energy and truth, don’t readily notice their impact on others.

How did I divert attention away from my own fears of being hurt? How did I forget to be sensitive or tender toward others? Did I notice any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in myself?

The mechanism of denial allows direct immediate action, but also keeps Eights from experiencing their own vulnerability and softer side.

Six healing and growth commitments for Type Eights:

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  Enneagram Ireland is affiliated to Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition and Enneagram Worldwide 
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