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TYPE NINE: The Mediator

Type Nine: The Mediator
Type Eight: The Protector Type One: The Perfectionist
Type Seven: The Epicure Type Two: The Giver
Type Six: The Sceptic Type Three: The Performer
Type Five: The Observer Type Four: The Romantic

“Lost” essential quality: Unconditional love, with everyone of equal importance, belonging and regard.

Compensating belief: The world makes you unimportant, requires that you blend in.

Attention/coping strategy: Forgetting yourself and seeking belonging. Getting pulled away from personal priorities by external claims.

Trap: Seeking outside of yourself for comfort and harmony.

Driving energy: An inertia (sloth) toward yourself. Energy going into other people and many substitutes for your own priorities.

Avoidance: Conflict and discomfort, by “going along to get along” to avoid being dismissed.

Strengths: Excellent mediator, understanding, caring and supportive of others, adaptive.

Paradox: Neglecting yourself in pursuit of comfort produces discomfort.

Path of development:

Ultimate task: Reclaiming the sense of perfection in all things and everyone, which includes accepting differences, mistakes, natural desires and the “dark side.”

Practices for Growth

Pulled by environmental claims
In what ways did I just go along with others’ agendas? How did I forget myself by merging into others? When did I get sidetracked into secondary pursuits such as chores and familiar or habitual things? What happened to my real priorities?

Feeling unimportant or needing to blend in as a way of coping, Nines’ attention goes toward what or who is around them and away from themselves and their own priorities.

Indecision and resistance

Have I been trying to sort out all the different points of view? Going over equally compelling details or concepts? When did I drag my feet or feel my resistance? How have I alternated between complying and opposing? How did my anger come up? Stubbornness?

Because Nines focus on others’ views, they are often inattentive to their own perspective and become indecisive or stubborn.


How have I been influenced by wanting things to be comfortable? Familiar? How did I respond when tension or discomfort came up? When conflict emerged?

Nines settle for going along to get along as coping strategy to bring comfort and satisfaction. Conflict naturally interferes with this strategy.

Six healing and growth commitments for Type Nines:

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  Enneagram Ireland is affiliated to Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition and Enneagram Worldwide 
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